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We Are Now Taking Reservations For Our 2018 Weekday Surf Camp and Surf Lessons. Surf Lessons Are Offered 7 Days A Week!! First Week of Surf Camp Starts Monday June 18th and Runs Till Friday September 28th.
                                                    SURFING LESSONS NYC
 Winter Surf Lesson Times are 10am to 12pm Daily. Lessons This Time of Year Are Tentative Based on The Weather And The Waves. Please Schedule in Advance.

Coming by Yourself and would like to join a Group Lesson. We will put You in a group of your peers surfing at the same level. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. We have lessons at all 3 levels of surfing at every scheduled lesson time

About Us

The New York Surf School in Rockaway Beach, NY is the longest running and most popular Surf School in NYC. We have succesfully taught and have welcomed into the surfing lifestye over 10,000 students. We have shared this great gift of surfing with students from 5 years old to 70 years old. We've taught Actors who's roles in movies, television and commercials were to be surfers. We have taught them to succesfully ride waves and how to have that authentic Surfer Look. Quite a few have stuck with it and are enjoying the surfing lifestyle!!