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We Are Now Teaching Lessons 7 Days A Week.
We Are Taking Reservations For Our 2018 Weekday Surf Camp and Surf Lessons. Surf Lessons Are Offered 7 Days a Week. First Week of Surf Camp Starts Monday June 18th and Runs Till Friday September 28th.

  Surf Lessons All Day Every Day!!
Surfing Lessons New York

Coming by yourself and would like to join a Group Lesson. We will put you in a group of your peers surfing at the same level. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. We have lessons at all 3 levels of surfing at every scheduled lesson time.

Welcome to Our Brand New Blog Post Page. We will be continually be adding posts from Surfers from across the World, and in particular, NYC. One of the most underrated products for a Surfer is yes, the pen! 
A surfboard fleet
Underneath my feet 
A happy smile cheek to cheek 
I ride the wave 
The one I seek 
Don’t know what I’m doing 
But it feels so neat 
No competition 
Not one heat 
Just me and my surfboard 
Out at sea 
A leash is tight 
But I feel so free 
Can surf till night 
That’s where I’ll be 
So come with me 
Paddle out 
Amount to nothing 
Check out that cloud 
An ocean sound 
And a blazing sun 
On this earth 
Surf just for fun

By Surf Instructor
Greg Angert