Surfboard Rental Prices
4 Hours $35
All Day $50
Wetsuits are Free with Board Rental

There is no better way to enjoy your day down the beach, than to get out surfing! We stock all shapes and sizes. Longboards, shortboards, funboards and fishes. If you are a novice or fairly new to surfing, we recommend a funboard or a longboard. If you’re an advanced surfer, you know what size and shape board you are looking for. If
you’re a travelling surfer and don’t feel like lugging a board to New York City, give us a ring!!.

If you are at that stage in surfing where you think you may be looking to add a new board to your quiver, why not try a few different boards out before you invest over $600 and find out it’s not the board for you? We have all shapes and sizes. Why not fine tune the measurements of the board you are looking for by surfing a few different shaped boards?